Which is Better for Sports, Tight or Loose Clothing?

One aspect that makes sports feel comfortable is the use of appropriate clothing. The average person who just wants to start a regular exercise does not know which one should be used, whether tight clothing or even loose.

Usually this happens because the information that comes is still confusing. Some people suggest loose clothes to be more free to move. However, there are also those who recommend the use of loose clothing. Approximately, which one is better used for exercise?

To be sure, so that sports clothing that is used does not hamper movement, there are two things to consider, namely in terms of the type of material and size.

Choose ingredients that absorb sweat
Before choosing a size, actually what you should pay attention to first is the material of the clothing itself. Because, reported from Everyday Health, it is useless if the size of clothing used is just right, but the material used does not make you comfortable.

That was justified by Dr. Melyarna Putri. “Materials that absorb sweat and light are certainly recommended for use when exercising,” he explained.

It is intended that sweat does not get trapped in the skin covered by clothing and instead cause other health problems.

Meanwhile, there are many synthetic fabrics that can make the skin breathe while absorbing and “drying sweat” from the skin. This material is called polypropylene and is the best type of material for sports clothing.

By choosing clothes made from polypropylene, sweat containing bacteria will not be trapped in the skin for a long time. Some people might rely on cotton to absorb sweat while exercising.

But, despite having a good sweat absorption, cotton cannot evaporate or dry sweat, causing a lasting wet effect on clothing. Apart from polypropylene or cotton, there is no more fabric that is comfortable to wear.

Loose or tight clothes, which one is better?
Still from Everyday Health, explained that it’s good when you exercise wearing clothes that are somewhat loose and comfortable to use for moving. Nevertheless, rather loose here is not a rag and super wide pants, lo.

Loosely here is the size that works best for you, not too big and not too narrow, but still leaves little room between the fabric and the skin.

On the other hand, wearing clothes too tight for a long time to exercise can interfere with blood circulation, trigger cramps, and even interfere with your breathing.

Just like when you want to practice yoga or pilates. Narrow clothing can make your feet or hands uncomfortable stretching. But clothes that are too loose can also show parts of your body when you pose down.

Not only that, loose clothes that are too wide can increase the risk of injury while exercising and tight clothing can interfere with breathing, concentration, and interfere with blood circulation. So, it’s good you really choose sports clothing with a size that fits in the body.

In conclusion, if asked which is better to wear when exercising, clothing with the right size and a little loose (not too wide) is the answer. Because, if it’s too loose or narrow, the clothes can actually interfere with and limit body movements. So, it’s not confused anymore, right, choose what kind of sports clothing?