Peel Completely About Clothing Material Allergies

Have you ever felt itching when wearing new clothes or certain types of clothes? If so, you could be allergic to clothing. Also known as textile contact dermatitis, allergic clothing is a skin problem that is quite common. The cause of this condition is due to the material or substances contained in the clothes.

You can experience clothing allergies if the body’s antibodies consider the structure of the chemical as a threatening foreign object. As a result, there is an immunological reaction that causes an inflammatory reaction in the skin.

Causes allergies to clothing

There are several causes of allergic clothing, including:

  • New clothes
    New clothes often cause allergic reactions. Why? Most people don’t wash new clothes and use them right away because they think they are new clothes that have never been used. In fact, new clothing usually contains formaldehyde. This formaldehyde substance can prevent wrinkles when displayed in stores. In fact, this substance is toxic and can stimulate irritation and itching on the skin.
  • Material used in textiles
    There are many types of textile materials that are often used for clothing, such as cotton, wool, latex, lycra, silk, and denim. Each person can have a different reaction to the material. Some people are allergic to lycra or latex, while others are allergic to denim clothing. So if you have ever been allergic to a certain clothing material, remember and avoid any clothes made from it.
  • Washing soap or detergent
    Detergent is very important for cleaning clothes. However, it should be noted that detergent is one component that can trigger allergies. Fragrances and dyes in detergents can trigger clothing allergies, especially if the rinsing process is not clean enough.
  • Accessory
    Besides clothes, there are several accessories on clothes that can also cause allergies, such as beads, buttons, zippers, and belts.
  • The chemical used
    Several types of chemicals used in the processing and manufacturing of textiles can also cause allergic reactions in clothing.

How do you deal with clothing allergies?
Symptoms of allergic clothing can differ from one person to another, some are mild and some are severe. The most common symptoms are symptoms on the skin, such as itching, redness, and bumps. However, other symptoms can also occur such as itchy, runny and stuffy nose, to severe symptoms such as asthma attacks.

Like other types of allergies, how to deal with clothing allergies is to avoid clothes that are already known to cause allergies. For example if you have an allergy to latex, then avoid using clothing that contains latex.

Don’t forget to wash any new clothes that have never been used. Also make sure you rinse thoroughly the remnants of detergent when washing clothes.

If the allergy symptoms are very disturbing, visit your doctor for treatment. Usually the doctor will give a skin moisturizer to coat the skin that is experiencing allergic symptoms, as well as providing anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the allergy symptoms of clothing that you experience.